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Suspended Repetition I used to smoke, and I liked it.  At work, I’d step outside, light up and sit focused on the smoke rising from the end of my cigarette.  Smoking was a time that allowed for quiet and contemplation.

online dating websites in hyderabad While watching the smoke, I noticed recurring shapes and patterns and I made a mental connection to what I do during my working hours.  I create user interfaces for web applications.  As an interface designer, I solve common design problems using recurring solutions known as design patterns–and I see repeating designs in almost everything I look at. For my project, Suspended Repetition, I have not only captured the meditative quality of smoke, showing it’s endless variety of incarnations, but in addition, I have created repeating designs and patterns that speak to the complexity and variable quality of smoke itself.

rencontres à 15 pluzz I still miss smoking.  Watching those ethereal swirling shapes as brush strokes on an open air canvas morphing into complex entities, unique and fleeting as snowflakes.

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Suspended Repetition

Unexpected Creativity

rencontre femmes musulmanes Imagine if you will, being in a junkyard after midnight, under the full moon surrounded by rusty classic cars.  The wind is blowing and you can hear the creaks and groans of the metal.  The cars speak to you.  Long exposures and light painting with star trails in the frame – creativity that’s unexpected.  A feeling that can’t quite be put into words, but one that I will forever be chasing. To view the full size image gallery, click on one of the thumbnails below.

Unexpected Creativity

Looking at Los Angeles LA is a city of diversity.  The photos in this gallery offer a glimpse into the “real” Los Angeles.  This project is ongoing and will change and evolve over time.

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Looking at Los Angeles